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Yapitek Fire Safety

Yapitek understands that business owners and managers have requirements to maintain compliance and protect their employees, customers and property. Our goal is to offer a customized program for each customer's unique challenges. As a full-service firefighting company, our company can meet all your firefighting needs. We are proud that our fire protection systems offer the maximum level of safety and efficiency. Our team is ready to meet or exceed your expectations every day.


Yapitek Fire Safety


Fire extinguishing systems

Extinguishing systems is an engineered set of components that work together to quickly detect a fire, alert occupants, and extinguish the fire before extensive damage can occur

Services - Fire safety risk assessment - სახანძრო უსაფრთხოების სისტემები

Fire safety risk assessment

Risk assessment should help you identify all the fire hazards and risks in your premises. You will then be able to decide whether the risks identified are acceptable or whether you need to take steps to reduce or control them.

Services - Fire safety planning

Fire safety planning

A safety plan is a detailed document that covers all aspects of fire safety for a specific building or property. The plan will outline: A safe and orderly way for occupants to vacate the building.

Services - fire equipment

Fire equipment

Safety Equipment includes fire resistant underwear and shirts, a helmet, eye protection, gloves, leather boots, and fire shelter. Firefighters carry personal gear bags that contain water, rations, sleeping bag, and hand tools Pulaski, shovel.

Services - Fire alarm systems

Fire alarm systems

alarm a set of technical means for detecting fire, reporting the place of its occurrence and signal processing, as well as the process of receiving, processing, transmitting and presenting information about a fire in a given form using these technical means

Fire ventilation - სახანძრო უსაფრთხოების სისტემები

Fire ventilation

Ventilation is vertical when exhaust openings are located higher than the fire and the gases flow upwards (vertically) out of the building. Exhaust openings should be located as high as possible in the building in order to utilize thermal buoyancy as much as possible


Yapitek Fire Safety

Yapitek Fire Safety Systems - fire panels - სახანძრო უსაფრთხოების სისტემები


Yapitek Fire Safety Systems - Fire detectors - სახანძრო უსაფრთხოების სისტემები


Yapitek Fire Safety Systems - Fire boxes


Yapitek Fire Safety Systems - Fire extinguishers - სახანძრო უსაფრთხოების სისტემები


Yapitek Fire Safety Systems - Fire systems - სახანძრო უსაფრთხოების სისტემები

Fire systems

Yapitek Fire Safety Systems - Evacuation signs - სახანძრო უსაფრთხოების სისტემები

Evacuation signs

Yapitek Fire Safety Systems - Completed Projects - სახანძრო უსაფრთხოების სისტემები
Completed Projects
Yapitek Fire Safety Systems - Ongoing Projects - სახანძრო უსაფრთხოების სისტემები
Ongoing Projects
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Fire Fighting Systems

A fire fighting system is probably the most important of the building services, as its aim is to protect human life and property, strictly in that order.A fire alarm system warns people when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other fire-related emergencies are.These alarms may be activated automatically from smoke detectors, and heat detectors or may also be activated via manual fire alarm activation devices such as manual call points. We offer planning and installation of all types of fire safety systems. Our team is always ready to take care of customer comfort and safe environment.

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